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Changes to Laptop Repair Policy

Changes to Laptop Repair Policy
 In an effort to improve the efficiency of our laptop repair process and decrease waiting times we are making a single significant change.
Ø  From 14 July 2014 (First Day of Term 3) student will be completely responsible for their own data and backups.  
With more than 96% of students having a school issued laptop or tablet it is unsustainable for the I.T. department to be responsible for the sheer volume of data that this introduces. Wait times have become unacceptably long and are interfering with the learning of too many students. In an effort to fix this we are placing the responsibility of data directly onto the students.
All students are required to keep a backup of their data up to date. This backup can exist in one or all of the following formats as meets their needs
Ø  Student H: Drive
Student H: drives are the best solution as the data is safely stored on the school server and is backed up daily.
Ø  External Hard Drive
Good for large volumes of data that easily connect via USB (available at any local electronics retailer)
Ø  External USB stick
Good for general usage, easily transferable, light weight and available for purchase at the P&C shop. (2Gb - $7.50, 4Gb - $8.95, 8Gb - $9.95, 32Gb - $23.95)
Ø  Copied to their home PC (where possible)
Great backup option for those who have more than one computer.
When students receive their laptop back from certain repairs the state of their hard drive will be reset to when they first received their device. Student will then need to restore their data from their backup.
Current data indicates that repair efficiency will go up by nearly 500% and most students with problems not related to hardware faults will have a 24hour turn around or less! Hardware faults will still take 2 - 5 days depending on manufacturer service and parts availability.
For questions and concerns please contact Dean Emery Head of Information Technology via email