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The Student Wellbeing eLearning Lounge (SWeLL) space operates as a traditional library with books, research and reading spaces but it will also have:
  • Flexible furniture that can be moved and set up to support the type of learning activity in focus for the lesson. Teachers and students can arrange an area that will directly support targeted learning such as collaboration for higher order thinking, decision making and creativity.
The SWeLL space is also a focus for student wellbeing. The SWeLL will be set up to:
  • Enable students to access iPads loaded with the latest apps to support student well-being. Many of these apps will focus on promoting mental health and also provide students to access online support.
  • Allow students to meet support staff such as guidance officers, health nurse, support teachers, visiting psychologists and school chaplains.
  • Support our community to connect with our school as we offer wellbeing programs for students and families. We run parenting programs and courses from our SWeLL space.
  • Provide a range of programs to address issues such as bullying and cyber safety as we continue to directly teach and promote our values of respect, responsibility and resilience.
‘One student’ is about acknowledging that we see student wellbeing as fundamentally important and a prerequisite for learning and ongoing engagement within our school. The SWeLL space is our hub of student and community wellbeing support at Helensvale SHS.