Year 7 first day information

Dear Helensvale State High School Community,
Welcome to the 2019 school year, a year of continued opportunity and success.  I trust that our students had a safe and enjoyable break and that families have made the most of the holiday season.  I would especially like to welcome our new families to the Helensvale State High School Community, a community that works together to support the learning and well-being of our students.
It is now time for students, parents and carers to start thinking of returning to school. Below is some information that will assist in ensuring a smooth start to the new school year.
School Commencement Dates 2019
The first day back for Years 7, 8 and 11 is Tuesday 29th January.    Year 7 students are to meet in the Student Activity Centre (SAC).  Parents and carers are welcome to attend the welcoming Year 7 Assembly.  Students will be heading to classes by 9:15am. Year 8 and 11 students will go straight to their roll mark class. 
The first day back for Years 9, 10 and 12 is Wednesday 30th January.  All students will go straight to their roll mark class.
On both Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th January, Roll mark class lists will be posted in various locations throughout the school.  Our staff and Year 12 prefects will be available to support students find their way to their various areas.
I would suggest that where possible students arrive no later than 8.30am on their first day back so there is time to find venues and classrooms.
Student Dress Code
Year 7 students should arrive to the first day of school in their formal uniform. 
A reminder to our school community, that we are a uniform school and our uniform policy is aligned to the Department of Education’s Student Dress Code policy and procedures.  Below is an excerpt from the school’s Uniform Policy.
‘Not wearing the uniform correctly is a breach of the school’s Uniform Policy.  Students who do not wear their uniform appropriately or who wear non uniform items will be requested to change into a uniform provided by the school.’  (This includes shoes).
Footwear and Socks
·        Shoes must be plain black (no logos/trim in other colours), lace up and leather with a protective substantial upper. Shoes are to be worn with both formal and sports uniforms
·        Shoes must be the smooth black leather. No suede shoes are permitted
·        Canvas shoes, suede shoes, ballerina style shoes, boot style/high tops and slip-on shoes are not permitted. Thongs are never suitable for the workplace or school
·        Shoe laces must be black
·        Socks must be Helensvale High socks (white with school name printed on sock)
·        Students are able to bring sport shoes to change into for their sport lesson.

Not wearing the uniform correctly is a breach of the Uniform Policy.  Students who do not wear their uniform appropriately or who wear non uniform items will be requested to bring a note and change into a uniform provided by the school including shoes and socks.  Parents will be contacted when students do not comply with our Uniform Policy. 
Students who refuse to follow the uniform policy will incur consequences.  These include, but are not limited to the following:
·        Lunchtime detention
·        Community service
·        Afterschool detention
We recognise that some families from time to time may have hardships in their lives, which makes it difficult to provide resources and uniform items.  We are always willing to support you in whatever way we can and encourage you to contact us should this be the case.
We also recognise that the majority of parents and carers prepare their children for learning each and every day by ensuring their child attends school on time, brings the necessary books and resources to school, is in 100% correct uniform and has access to food throughout the day.  I sincerely thank you for that.  By doing this, we show our children how much we value their education.
If we are truly ‘One Community’ we will continue to work together to uphold the high standards of academia, behaviour, attendance and dress that we are renowned for – a formula that we have proven leads to success for your child, our student. 
Finance and Uniform Shop Hours
Finance hours.JPG.png 
Administration Office hours
Our Administration office will open at 8am on 21st January 2018.
We look forward to another exciting and productive year ahead for our Helensvale State High School community.
Yours sincerely,
Karen Lindsay
Executive Principal
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Last reviewed 27 February 2019
Last updated 27 February 2019