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2022 Laptop Program


Helensvale State High School runs a laptop program, whereby the majority of students participate in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) option. We also offer a  limited number of annual hire laptops (24/7 use), mainly to our senior students. Students who choose not to participate in either scheme still have access to laptops through our restricted day hire system (PDF, 119 KB).


  • It is critical for both parents and students to read and understand the requirements of the 2022 Laptop Program Charter (PDF, 728KB).
  • Upon enrolment, students will receive this booklet in their enrolment packages and it is also available, as named, via the link in Our Supporting Documents section below. 
  • The starting point for every student with respect to their use of computers, network connectivity and Internet access on campus is contingent on a parent/carer completing an online consent form which is emailed to a parent/carer for each enrolled child. This has already been sent to the family of enrolled students on Thursday 11 November 2021 for the 2022 school year. For student enrolments after this date, we will be repeating this process in the remaining weeks of the 2021 school year and again in late January.


  • Students are invited to bring their privately owned laptops to school to support their learning and have them connected to the school network.
  • If joining the BYOD program, students must bring a device that meets the minimum specifications (PDF, 130KB) required by the school.
  • If you are yet to purchase a device, we highly recommend purchasing from our 2022 BYOD Vendor Portal (PDF, 169KB) (HP and Dell) as there are distinct advantages over purchasing from a retailer:  availability of 3 years manufacturer's warranty and 3 years accidental damage protection for minimal price (highly recommended); all repairs logged with Dell or HP by school technicians, quick turnaround and client convenience and finally peace of mind that all devices meet school requirements.
  • Information about how students connect their own laptop to the school network/internet will be provided on campus to students and also emailed to parents in a timely manner.


  • An annual hire fee of $200 is required to participate in this scheme and must be paid before the laptop can be issued.
  • This option provides seamless continuity of use between the home and school for the entire school year for those students who do not have their own device. 
  • Please remember, the supply of devices is limited and if demand is high, we may run out. It is basically a first come, first served situation.


  • 2022 Laptop Program Charter (PDF, 728KB): this document outlines the policies, acceptable devices and important information about our laptop program. It contains important information that parents/carers and students need to be aware of before completing the online form.
  • 2022 BYOD Vendor Portal (PDF, 206KB)​: As mentioned above, there are distinct advantages in purchasing a laptop through this portal. This document lists all of these advantages in detail and provides links to vendors' websites and any required login credentials to the sites.
  • Product Brochures:  one for each vendor will be loaded to our website by mid September, but all products are more easily researched from each vendor's portal website. 
  • Minimum Laptop Specifications (PDF, 130KB):  For your peace of mind and convenience, we prefer you to purchase from our BYOD Vendor Portal. However, if you are purchasing from a retailer, it is extremely important to take a copy of this document with you to ensure you buy a product that is suitable for network compatibility and educational requirements.
  • Microsoft Office for Students: There are two documents – one for Windows devices (PDF, 769KB) and one for Mac devices (PDF, 1034KB) - whereby you are provided with information to download a free version of Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices per student, using student's school login credentials.
  • Once Finance requirements (payment and form) have been completed, students need to bring their device to the IT Support Office in S205 for boarding to the school BYOx network.

Documents related to our laptop program can be accessed centrally via 

School Webmail Link

All students are able to access their email via the following link

Last reviewed 25 November 2021
Last updated 25 November 2021