Junior secondary


​​​​​​​​​​​​​Junior secondary includes students in Years 7 to  9 at Helensvale SHS. For our junior secondary students to feel a sense of belonging and be connected and engaged learners, our priorities for junior secondary are:

Leadership: Helensvale SHS supports a leadership program that provides students with the skills that will affect their lives beyond the immediate environment of school, and opportunities to develop ‘moral conviction’ through being able to influence, motivate and serve the needs of others.

Parent and Community Engagement: Evidence clearly makes the link between parental involvement and student achievement and school completion. Parent involvement provides parents with information they need to support their children’s learning and success.

Relationships: Positive and nurturing relationships are seen as being the key to improved student engagement and academic achievement. Research indicates that disengagement from school is not only a precursor to leaving school, but to disengaging from wider social interaction.

Digitally Rich: We live in a rapidly changing world, where young people are exposed to a wide variety of technology and digital devices on a daily basis. Our aim is to provide multiple and varied opportunities for students to develop an ethical understanding of technology and to use digital devices and programs to enhance their learning.

Personalised learning: At Helensvale SHS, our aim is to create a learning environment which encourages students to engage their abilities to the greatest extent possible, including taking risks and building knowledge and skills in what they perceive as a safe, flexible environment.

Wellbeing: Enhanced student wellbeing can contribute to improved academic achievement by increasing student motivation to participate and achieve; student engagement with, and participation in, learning; student attendance; and by decreasing the incidence of problem behaviour at school.  Student engagement, support and resilience building underpins the ethos of our school and is reflected in the teaching and learning.  


Year 7 & 8: All students will participate in the Core compulsory subjects of English, Maths, History (Geography in Semester 2) and Science.  Students will also study the HPE syllabus through BAM (Body and Mind) as a compulsory subject. Students will also study 2 Design subject in Year 7 and 2 Design subjects in Year 8.  These subjects include Dance, Drama, Home Economics, Manual Arts, Japanese, Digital Technology, Entrepreneurial Studies, Art, Music.  Students do not study all of these subjects, rather they are in a rotation.  All students in Year 7 and 8 study RTE (English Intervention) and RTM (Maths Intervention).  These subjects are designed to support the learning in English and Maths by allowing students time to demonstrate mastery in, or expand their literacy and numeracy skills.


Stationery List - Year 7

General stationery requirements (to be brought to every lesson):
A4 Exercise Book x 8 (one for each subject)
Pencil case
Blue pens x 2
Black pens x2
Red pens x 2
Highlighters 4 colour pack
HB pencils x 2
Ruler- wood or plastic only
Glue stick
Small scissors
12 pack coloured pencils
Correction tape (no white out)
USB 8g memory stick
Laptop (see 2022 Laptop Program​)

Mathematics years 7 - 12:
Scientific Calculator*
(*Recommended Sharp or Casio as this will see students through to the end of senior and meet the QCAA calculator standards.  Sharp available in Text Hire for $27)

Design electives:
Any further requirements will be communicated to the student/parents at the beginning of the semester by the class teachers.

Year 9: All students will participate in the Core compulsory subjects of English, Maths, History and Science.  Students will also study the HPE syllabus through BAM (Body and Mind) which is also a compulsory subject in Year 9.  Students have the choice of 4 electives over the course of the year.

Futures:  Futures is a compulsory subject for all students at Helensvale.  This subject covers a range of topics including wellbeing, literacy and numeracy and career education. 

Helensvale Academy Program

The Arts Academy:

  • Visual Art Academy

  • Dance Academy

  • Drama Academy

  • Music Academy

Sport Academy:

  • AFL Academy

  • Netball Academy

  • Soccer Academy

Academic Academy

  • Japanese Academy

  • e4e Academy (Education for Entrepreneuers)

  • EXCITE Academy 

EXCITE is an academically holistic program of academic excellence in Maths, Science, English and History. Students in EXCITE will be engaged in the core curriculum from the National Curriculum at a deeper level, focusing on the development of Higher Order Thinking skills. 

Last reviewed 31 March 2022
Last updated 31 March 2022