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The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is the standard pathway to tertiary study for Queensland Year 12s.

Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) explain the procedures (PDF, 337KB) used to calculate students' final subject results in General subjects. For more information, updates and tips please visit 

Year 11 Exams
During weeks 7 and 9 of term 1 2021 year 11 students will be participating in unit 1 internal assessments (PDF, 165KB).

Year 12 Exams
During week 10 of term 1 2021, year 12 students will be participating in units 3 and 4 internal assessments (PDF, 165KB). 

How can parents help their senior students?

1. Lifestyle makes a big difference to results: healthy eating, lots of water, lots of sleep, exercise and time for relaxation are essential. Make sure students are eating healthily. Provide healthy snacks, drinks and meals. It is important that students look after their health during this period as stress can take a huge toll on the body. A nutritious diet and a bit of exercise not only help students think more effectively but will help them deal with stress as well.

2. Ask students what they need from you and what you can do. Offer to help with revision, to go and buy and books or stationery needed. Be their PA this year and help with exam timetables, preparation, lunches etc.

3. Keep communication open. Listen. See if you can have a weekly meeting to give students a chance to talk through where they are with each subject, what is going on and if they are having any difficulties. Remember that you are the convenient target for anger (that isn't really directed at you), but that you also might be a good shoulder to cry on. Seek professional help if you feel your student needs it.

4. Focus on a positive outlook and personal best: encourage students to be proud of their successes and what they achieve and constantly assure them that all you want is for them to do the best they can and walk away feeling proud of their efforts this year. Avoid criticism and negativity. Remember there are always multiple paths in life to get to where you want to go.

5. If students are stressed or worried first let them vent then talk together ways they could approach their issues. Who could they talk to at school on ways to improve or ways to manage their stress? What outside resources do they have?

Senior School HONOURS Program

One Mind Sparks; Together We Glow

Honours Philosophy

Helensvale State High School is committed to providing the best possible Academic Pathways for our students in the Senior School and to preparing them to achieve to their best.

Helensvale State High's Senior School Honours Program is an extension of the EXCITE Academy Program in the Junior School and aims to provide the opportunity, support and environment where our very high achieving and committed senior students can aspire to their desired goals and prepare for their Tertiary and career pathways in the 21st Century. 

The Senior Schooling Honours Program allows senior students to:

  • select subjects in Year 10 that provide the foundations to senior ATAR General Subjects in Years 11 and 12
  • attain vital skills in leadership, critical & creative thinking and philosophy.  It will focus on Academic behaviours of building resilience, curiosity, open-mindedness and persistence  
  • participate in workshops via external providers such as Mighty Minds and Elevate Education in developing Study Skills, Time Management, Memory & Mnemonics, Student Elevation and preparation for External Examinations
  • have a Teacher Mentor allocated for their Senior School journey
  • make connections to Tertiary Institutions.

Honours Selection

Enrolment into the Senior Schooling Honours Program is by invitation only.  When shortlisting suitable Year 9 students for enrolment into the Senior Schooling Honours Program, a number of key selection criteria are taken into account.  Successful candidates for the Senior Schooling Honours Program are students who:

EXCITE Students:

  • Were a member of the EXCITE Academy program in Year 9
  • Achieved academic levels of achievement of A and/or B across their 6 x Year 9 subjects at the end of Semester 1 Report
  • Achieved Very Good or Excellent for Effort and Behaviour in all 6 x Year 9 subjects at the end of Semester 1 Report


  • Achieved academic levels of achievement of a minimum of 2 x A's and 1 x B in English, Maths and Science
  • Achieved Very Good or Excellent for Effort and Behaviour in all 6 x Year 9 subjects at the end of Semester 1 Report

These criteria, along with a work ethic, which displays the attitude and commitment towards achieving their full potential, are key to the success in achieving within a student's foundational year of Senior (Year 10) through to their academic studies across Years 11 and 12.  With this comes a responsibility to meet the requirements of the school so that their development is multifaceted across a student's well-being, personal development and academic success.

Last reviewed 31 March 2021
Last updated 31 March 2021