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​​​​​​​​EXCITE Academy


The aim of EXCITE Academy is to provide an academically rigorous program for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 who have demonstrated a strong interest and commitment towards their studies. The program is designed to broaden and deepen students' knowledge in English, Maths, Science and Humanities allowing them to make a successful transition into the senior school.

Heads of Department and experienced teachers have specifically designed an engaging curriculum to develop and maximise intellectual potential in an environment that promotes a strong culture of academic excellence.  Developing a Growth Mindset and Higher Order Thinking Skills are at the core of the EXCITE Academy philosophy.

We encourage all academy students to be 'excellent' in all facets of their learning and strive to become leaders, upholding our core school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.  Student performance is monitored throughout the year and additional support is provided where required.

Students within the EXCITE Academy have the opportunity to become involved in a number of activities and competitions beyond the classroom such as Year 7, 8 & 9 annual wellbeing days, ICAS Science & Mathematics competitions and a variety of excursions as a part of curriculum enrichment.

As part of your students' application for the Helensvale State High EXCITE Academy we require students to participate in the UNSW SCOUT Assessment to demonstrate their range of knowledge and skills within reading comprehension, written expression and mathematical reasoning.   This, along with their application documentation ensures we can make an informed decision about their acceptance into the program.

This Program will incur an additional levy.


Japanese Academy 

The aim of Japanese Academy is to provide extensive opportunities for students to develop and gain confidence in their Japanese language skills as well as broaden their cultural awareness.  While this program is ideal for students who share a passion for language learning and a strong interest in Japanese culture, it also appeals to those who aspire to become Global Citizens, by developing 21st Century thinking skills. 

Heads of Department and experienced teachers have developed an engaging curriculum that delivers strong foundations and opportunities for a diverse range of language learners to extend their comprehension and improve their communication abilities.

Many extension opportunities are made available throughout our Program including sister school/study tour visits, Japanese lunch days and restaurant visits, participation in language competitions and cultural incursions/excursions. 

Acceptance into the Program is via an application and an entrance examination.

This Program will incur an additional levy.


E4E Academy             


The aim of the E4E (Education for Entrepreneurs) Academy is to create tomorrow's business leaders, the people who will add value to our community.  It is designed for students who are keen to make their mark on the world via entrepreneurialism. The three-year program encourages students to think differently, apply themselves and innovate. It aims to unlock creativity and to challenge students to create something of value which has the ability to make a difference.

Students in the E4E program start by understanding themselves, their strengths and their classmates. Relying on the latest neuroscience, the program will grow and foster creative thinking patterns and harness the points of difference in the class to test and workshop ideas. Students will also collaborate with the community and business leaders to gain sponsorship and present what they have designed.  The knowledge, skills and personal qualities that the E4E program develops within its participants will guide them on their journey towards an even brighter future.

We think differently, we apply ourselves and we innovate.  We understand it is rewarding to inspire others and we are passionate about our dreams.  Do you have a 'Dream to Succeed'?

This Program will incur an additional levy.

Last reviewed 23 March 2022
Last updated 23 March 2022