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Subject selections 

During Term 3, Year 8 and Year 9 students at Helensvale State High School have been reflecting on their strengths and weaknesses, learning about career pathways and exploring subject offerings for next year. The online subject selection process is available from Friday 7 August and students are to return their forms, signed by a parent/carer, to their Futures teacher by Friday 21 August.  Instructions for how to complete subject selection for Year 9 and 10 2021 can be found in the 'How to do subject selection' link on the right.

Senior School 

Helensvale State High School prides itself on preparing Year 10 students for their Senior Phase of Learning and aims to ensure that all students reach their career pathway, further education and employment goals as well as achieving the Queensland Certificate of Education by the end of Year 12. There are two distinct pathways that senior students can choose from:

  • ATAR pathway
  • Vocational pathway

During Term 3, 2020 Year 10 students are receiving information regarding the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and the school’s two senior schooling pathways in the Futures programme on Fridays. Please also refer to the Helensvale SHS website for information regarding subject selection. It is also strongly recommended that students and their parent/carer view the Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre (QTAC) website. Here students can access the ‘My Path’ tab and view pre requisites for tertiary courses in 2023.

The subject selection process for Year 10 students continuing into Year 11 is as follows:

13-17 JulyMy Futures Website - My Career Profile
QTAC Website - Year 10 Guide: Meeting Prerequisites in 2023
220-24 JulySubject Selection Information PowerPoint
CORE Subject Talks
327-31 JulyElective Subject Talks by Curriculum HODs
Subject Selection Information released to parents
43-7 AugustHSHS Subject Selection Handbook available
SETP on OneSchool
Subject Selection Form completed in Futures
510-14 AugustFriday - QLD Public Holiday
617-21 AugustReview Subject Selection Handbook
Subject Selection Form Due Back to Futures Teacher
724-28 AugustMy QCE - crate an account on QCAA
Year 10 student SETP Interviews if required

Upon review of Semester One results, pathway recommendations have been made regarding your students Senior Schooling Pathway.

For students to have success in their final secondary schooling years, it is imperative that the foundational skills are gained in Year 10. Options regarding these pathways have been discussed in Futures. Students will be given a Subject Selection Form to bring home on Friday 7th August. The form is due back to their Futures teacher completed on Friday 21st August.

The links on the right of this page will assist you to process student subject selection.  Select the Senior Education Training Plan (SETP) link in order to make selections online.

Celebration of Success (COS) Awards

The Helensvale SHS COS Awards recognise, acknowledge and celebrate Academic Excellence and our three learning values: Resilient, Respectful and Responsible.

Gold Academic:

  • Includes all classes that are rated A to E excluding Futures and Instrumental Music
  • Students must achieve all A's

Academic Achievement:

  • Includes all classes that are rated A to E excluding Futures and Instrumental Music
  • Students must achieve a combination of all A's and 1 B

The other 3 Awards centre on our learning values.

Resilient Learner:

  • Increase in GPA by .5%
  • Includes all classes that are rated A to E excluding Futures and Instrumental Music
  • Students must achieve a minimum C's across all subjects in both semesters to achieve this award

Respectful Learner:

  • This includes all classes including Futures and Instrumental Music
  • Students must receive all Excellent for combined behaviour/effort ratings, but may have only one Very Good rating in either behaviour or effort

Responsible Learner:

  • 99.5% and above attendance for the semester.
  • School related absences e.g. school based traineeship, camps, excursions and representative sport considered as attendance
  • Approved absences e.g. illness, family and appointment are not considered
Last reviewed 26 March 2021
Last updated 26 March 2021