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There is no quick and simple solution, nor a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to improving school attendance. However, partnerships between schools, parents and the local community can assist in reducing absenteeism and making every day count at school.

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School absenteeism and truancy can impact significantly on students' learning and wellbeing.

Research shows that in Queensland, higher student attendance is associated, on average, with higher student achievement. Additionally, attending school every day helps children to build social and emotional skills such as communication, teamwork and resilience.

Under the law, you must make sure your child is enrolled and attends school on all school days unless there is a reasonable excuse. Schools must monitor attendance of students and follow up with parents and caregivers any unexplained absences.

If your child does not want to go to school, or is missing school without you knowing, contact your school immediately for assistance and support.

Schools will:

  • monitor student attendance

  • notify you if your child has an unexplained absence as soon as practicable on the day of your child's absence and continue to follow-up with you as practicable

  • use effective teaching strategies to engage your child in learning

  • help you with strategies to encourage your child to go to school

  • provide support for families.

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We the Differents – boosting your resilience

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When you’re young, life can feel ‘full-on’. It can get stressful and exhausting.

Help your teen boost their resilience by encouraging them to check out the support, options and tips available on the We the Differents website.

It has a range of articles to help them to find their different, understand their learning options and learn handy study hacks.

Mental Health and Wellbeing @ HSHS

At Helensvale SHS we value each student and recognise that each individual student at any given time may have varying mental health issues and levels of resilience. The Vale Way encompasses leadership of, and structured opportunities, to develop resilience and maintain good health and wellbeing for all students and staff. Helensvale SHS conforms to Department of Education policies and Best Practice. 

The Department of Education's Student learning and wellbeing framework highlights our approach to student wellbeing and learning across the whole school.

At Helensvale SHS we have our very own Community Wellbeing Wall which we update regularly with wellbeing resources for our community, including mindfulness activities, advice and resources for parents/carers and information on online safety, wellbeing apps and online learning. 

To find out more information regarding support and available resources see the Student Wellbeing Hub (PDF, 384KB) , Parent Wellbeing Hub (PDF, 398KB) and Online Safety Hub (PDF, 456KB) as well as the Student Support Services and Programs section of our website.


Last reviewed 28 April 2021
Last updated 28 April 2021