Guidance officers


Guidance Officers are fully qualified teachers with post-graduate degrees in education and counselling.  Guidance Officers work with teachers, parents and community members, external agencies and other stakeholders to support the mental, social and emotional health of students and maximise educational outcomes. This occurs through the use of evidence-based practices in case management, as well as, educational, vocational and personal counselling. Our Guidance Officers work within a multi-disciplinary team and contribute to Helensvale State High School’s comprehensive student support and wellbeing framework, that is responsive to the needs of the school community.

Guidance Officers provide confidential services, in accordance with education policy and legislative requirements, supportive counselling and referrals to external services as appropriate.  Psychoeducational assessments and career development also form an important part of the work Guidance Officers undertake to enhance positive educational outcomes and career pathways for all students. They provide leadership in responding to some of the most complex and challenging of circumstances including student protection matters, critical incidents, mental health issues, and suicide prevention and postvention support.

Mental Health and Wellbeing @ HSHS

At Helensvale SHS we value each student and recognise that each individual student at any given time may have varying mental health issues and levels of resilience. The Vale Way encompasses leadership of, and structured opportunities, to develop resilience and maintain good health and wellbeing for all students and staff. Helensvale SHS conforms to Education Queensland policies and Best Practice.

The learning and wellbeing framework for all Queensland State Schools.

To find out more information regarding support and available resources see the Student Well-being Hub (PDF, 384KB) , Parent Well-being Hub (PDF, 398KB) and Online Safety Hub (PDF, 456KB).

Wellbeing – connected to learning

Our young people are growing up in a world driven by new technologies and economic globalisation. Their future means they need a new set of cognitive, social and emotional skills for success.

Healthy, confident and resilient young people who can successfully navigate a more complex world are vital for Queensland's future.

We know that a supportive environment that combines a focus on wellbeing with a focus on learning is optimal — without one, the other will not happen. Responding to individual and group differences, promoting collaborative learning, connecting to the hearts and minds of every student, and teaching students how to manage their wellbeing, are just some of the ways our teachers are making sure students thrive. Our school continues to provide inclusive environments that nurture the wellbeing of all students so they become resilient lifelong learners who respond positively to their changing world and pursue their passions with confidence.

Our Learning and Wellbeing Framework (PDF, 483KB) sets out a number of activities in which we work to meet the students' wellbeing needs.


Last reviewed 12 December 2019
Last updated 12 December 2019