Supporting students with diverse learning needs


​Supporting students with diverse learning needs at Helensvale State High School

Helensvale State High School's learning purpose is 'One Student.  One Community.  Many Futures'.  We have high expectations of all students and believe that all students can learn and succeed.  We have a strong inclusion philosophy, where all students are fully included in aspects of school life.

The school's Response to Intervention Framework reflects our 'One Student' philosophy and recognises that some students may require additional support to learn. Some students may have a specific diagnosis, while others may not.  Some students may require additional, targeted interventions and reasonable adjustments.

Students with additional needs are supported through a range of processes, personnel and supports and these are individual to each student and their needs.

Teachers work hard to know and understand students and their individual needs.  Teachers differentiate learning to engage and challenge students at the appropriate level.  

Additional support may come through the participation in one (or more) of the following supports:

  • Case Management
  • Levelled Literacy Intervention
  • Individual Curriculum Plans
  • Engagement with support staff at the school (e.g. Guidance Officer, Chaplain, School based youth health nurse)
  • Teacher Aide support in class

Individual programs and supports (e.g. the school works closely with supports such as Advisory Visiting Teachers (AVTs); Occupational and Physical Therapists and Behaviour specialists to support students.

​What is case management at Helensvale State High School?

Case Management is a collaborative process involving the student, parents/caregivers and other relevant stakeholders where a teacher-case manager leads a repeated cycle which develops, monitors, communicates and evaluates support provisions for students with disability to overcome challenges and enhance engagement and outcomes.  

Key Principles Underpinning Case Management

1. Every Student Succeeding - State School Strategy 2021-2025

'Every Student Succeeding' is the shared vision of Queensland state schools.  The school's vision, 'We Aspire for Each and Every Student to Succeed' shapes our school planning to ensure every student receives the support needed to belong to the school community, engage purposefully in learning and experience academic success. 


2. Inclusive Education Policy

Inclusive education means that students can access and fully participate in learning, alongside their similar-aged peers, supported by reasonable adjustments and teaching strategies tailored to meet their individual needs. Inclusion is embedded in all aspects of school life and is supported by culture, policies and every day practices.

Why do we case manage at Helensvale State High School?

We have high expectations of all students, recognising that, with the right support, all students can succeed.

We believe that young people, from all social, cultural, community and family backgrounds and of all identities and abilities can succeed, but that some students require additional support to achieve this.  Case management is one form of tier 2  support.  

Our ultimate goal for case management is that it results in positive outcomes and success for the student.  What positive outcomes and success may look like is different for each student.  For some students, success may be lifting a level of achievement or behaviour grade, for others it may mean an increase in attendance or improved engagement with learning.

If you wish to discuss your child's learning needs further please do not hesitate to contact Regan Walsh, Head of Inclusion or Maria Hams, Deputy Principal Inclusion

Last reviewed 11 October 2021
Last updated 11 October 2021